Food Company Premiums

Adventure Meal Dinosaur Adventures Dino Buddies (Arby's 1999)
Definately Dinosaurs! (Wendy's 1988)
Digs Dinosaur Adventure (Boston Market 1997)
Dino Glows (Sonic 1999)
Dino Might National Geographic Kids (Arby's 2004)
Dinosaur Water Gushers (White Castle 1998)
Dinosaur Days - Diener (McDonalds 1981)
Dinosaur Days (Taco Bell 1993)
Dinosaurs (McDonalds 1990)
Dinosaurs (Subway 1996)
Dinosaurs (Dairy Queen 1998)
Dinosaur in My Pocket (Hardees 1993)

Dino Stompers (Subway 1997)
Dink the Little Dinosaur (McDonalds 1990)
Disney's Animal Kingdom (McDonalds 1998)
Disney's Dinosaur (McDonalds 2000)
Disney Video Showcase Dinosaur (McDonalds 2000)
Extinct Dinos (Wendy's 2001)
Flintstones (Denny's)
Go Go Dinos Del Taco
Dinosaurs (Hungry Jack's, Australia 2001)
Ice Age
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (McDonalds 2009, Taco Bell 2009)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (Wendy's 2008)
Jurassic Park (Dannon, Europe)
Kelloggs (Germany, 1990s)
Kinder Surprise (Italy)
Linde Coffee Premiums (Austria)
LU biscuits premiums (Europe 1994-95)
Mc Dino Changeables (McDonalds 1990's)
Nabisco Premiums (1950s)
Neopets (McDonalds)
Night at the Museum 2 Rexy skeleton windup

Paleo Puzzles (Arby's 2001)
Pebbles Cereal Premiums Dinosaurs  80's
Power Rangers Dino Thunder (McDonalds)
Prehysteria (McDonalds 1998)
Procorp cereal premiums (Taiwan)
Sea Monsters (Jack in the Box 2007)
Shreddies (England)
Sinclair Gas Station Premiums
Something's Watching Land of the Lost (Subway 1993)
The Land Before Time (Pizza Hut 1988)
The Land Before Time (Burger King 1997)
Toy Story (Burger King 1995)
Toy Story 2 (McDonalds 1999)
Tinosaurs (McDonalds 1985)
Ty Teenie Beanie Babies Dinosaur Trio (McDonalds 2000)
Walking With Dinosaurs (Burger King; Quick (France)

World of Dinosaurs (Australia, McDonalds 1993)
Yowies "Lost Kingdoms" (Cadbury, Australia)