6000+ pages. 600+ articles. 11,000+ photos. 2000+ cross-referenced entries. 800+ genera.  
Over 600 articles. 
Over 11,000 photos.  
Over 2000 cross-referenced entries. 
Over 800 genera.  

The product of research and input by a group of longtime collectors, Dinosauriana promises to be an essential reference guide for all collectors of vintage prehistoric animal models, toys and figures (from AAA to ZEE!)

It is only available in digital ebook form. Mediums covered include figures in ceramic, alabastrite, polystone, polyresin and composition materials; toys and replicas in plastic, PVC, rubber and vinyl; inflatables; plush; glass; model kits in polystyrene plastic, and wood; metal figurines in pewter, diecast, brass, bronze; food and restaurant premiums, single pieces, clocks, dog toys, aquarium figures, office supplies; and even quasi/anthropomorphic and mecha (robotic) forms. 

All non-toy resin, some bronze and vinyl are showcased in companion book called The Visual Guide to Scale Model Dinosaurs.

Over 1000 manufacturers spanning a century are represented including the following information where possible:

- Date of production/release (for each figure, in some cases)
- Origin of design/manufacture
- Producer/artist/designer
- Material/medium 
- Number of pieces in set 
- Product/manufacturer stock codes
- Manufacturer background 
- General market value
- Recasts/reissues

A thoroughly researched, amazingly complete index of over dinosaur genera plus prehistoric reptiles, extinct birds, mammals, amphibians, invertebrates and fish will be published, cross-referenced by manufacturer. Over 800 different creatures and plants. That is more than double of any online list!

The content contained in this work is not available anywhere else. 


In the meantime, enjoy the site (but we ask that you kindly refrain from copying and pasting our content or all the data to your own sites). New brands or products will be added regularly.

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